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Wedding Music and Prices

Wedding Prices

    The prices will vary based on your location and specific needs, and are subject to change. All prices listed are to give you an idea of the price, but please contact me for a specific quote for your wedding. 

Ceremony Package $315-$360

     ~30 minutes of Prelude music

     ~All Processionals and the Recessional

     ~Special Music during the ceremony (this could include lighting of the Unity Candle, Communion, or any other special part of the                ceremony)

     ~5-10 minutes of Postlude music

     ~In-person Music Consultation

     ~Travel and Cartage Fees

Ceremony + Cocktail Hour Package $415-$460

     ~The full Ceremony Package

     ~One hour of background music during the Cocktail hour or the dinner hour

Ceremony + Rehearsal Dinner Package $435-$560

     ~The full Ceremony Package

     ~One hour of Background Music for your rehearsal dinner

     ~Rehearsal dinner Travel and Cartage Fees

~Any additional hour added to a package is an added $100.

Wedding Music

I am able to play many different pieces to help make your day unique. During the music consultation we will choose specific music from any of several genres which include: Classical, Celtic, Popular, Hymns, Traditional Wedding, and many more. If I do not have a piece that you want, I will do my best to find it or find a satisfactory alternative. 

Nocturne - M.J. Glinka
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